Company Profile

“The purpose of our company is to provide our clients with agricultural machinery that stands out for its reliability, quality and excellent functionality. Our main goals are the ongoing growth of our company, the prosperity of our staff and the continuous satisfaction of our clients.”

Christos Devetzoglou / Managing Director


With a history beginning in 1945, REKOR is one of the largest companies manufacturing and trading in agricultural products in Greece.

Characterised by high-quality manufacturing, excellent organisation and functionality, as well as advanced technical know-how, the company has expanded its production line to include agricultural machinery such as seeders, disc harrows, ploughs and stubble cultivators.

At the same time, the company has forged powerful, long-term partnerships, representing major international firms and expanding its product range by including sprayer systems, fertilizer spreaders, harrows, manure spreaders, stone pickers, pneumatic machinery, mowers, windrowers and platforms.

All company products feature guarantees and CE compliance certificates.

REKOR headquarters are situated in Vathylakos, Thessaloniki, where its privately owned facilities covering 8,000m2 are located. In order to best serve its clients off-site, the company operates an organised spare parts and service department, featuring mobile repair units.



You can find us throughout Greece by contacting our associates.